UPSC CSE Coaching Programs Overview

UPSC IAS Coaching Daltonganj by CCS

[CAP] Comprehensive Annual Program for UPSC CSE

Comprehensive Annual Program. These are our 'Super30' annual batch made from selected 30 Students choose through a rigorous in-person evaluation process.This is a Hybrid Course primarily based on classroom contact and supplemented by our eLearking Platform "eKlass"

[FLP] Flexible Learning Program

Designed for working individuals these are evening only batches that provides flexibility in learning. This is also a Hybrid course with both Online & Offline Components making use of our eLearning Platform - eKlass

eKlass: Online Learning

eKlass is visualized to be the biggest possible UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation Hub. A repository of Civil Services preparation materials like no other. The idea behind eKlass is to offer Mentor guided structured distance learning program that makes use of AI to provide near in-person coaching experience.
UPSC-CSE Classroom Coaching

UPSC Coaching Daltonganj

Structured & Guided UPSC CSE Coaching

Civil Services exam conducted by UPSC is unlike any other exam. It’s tough in the sense that it is very different than the rest and requires a very different approach in preparation.

The Exam is more about Application of knowledge than the Knowledge itself. The IAS exam is designed to test the real life application, logical thinking and out of the box problem solving skill of a candidate rather than Facts/Data.

Here at CCS our Coaching, Discussion and Testing Philosophy is focused on not just to teach the concept but more importantly to develop an Attitude of ‘Applied Problem Solving’.

With small batch size, the candidate is ensured personalized mentorship that suits to his particular needs and Requirements.

The Coach and Candidate stay continuously in contact throughout the program ensuring that development happens at the rate and speed necessary. The Parents can choose to part of the Development Process as well!

Admission Calendar

Target UPSC 2022 – [CAP-EP1]

Leadership For Tomorrow

In Pursuit Of Creating Human Resource In Highest Degree of Integrity, Ethics and of Unimpeachable character for Civil Services to Make Considerable Change in Quuality of Governance Services Thereby Impacting The Society and Nation at Large.
UPSC-CSE Classroom Coaching


What makes CCS Unique

Combination of Best Coaching Methodologies, Rigorous Testing and Continuous Feedback, One-to-One Contact with mentor, Use of Technology and old school Hardwork Approach not only makes our coaching effective, but an experience of lifetime.

Focused Batch

12 Students in a Shift & 35 students in a batch ensures highest degree of Attention to all candidates

One of a Kind

First and only Institute in Palamau solely dedicated to UPSC-IAS Preparation Operating since 2017.

What it Takes

1500+ Hours Of classroom contact in a very close, one to one setting ensuring that a candidate has all the guidance possible to suit their particular needs. At CCS we focus on Mentoring instead of just teaching & hoping that candidate will clear the exam

Ensuring Second Options

UPSC IAS is the final Goal. Along the way program targets a few other compatible exams having the same preprations requirements – State PCS exams like JPSC & BPSC – as a real life practice to test prepration as well as a Safety Net for the future.

Seperate Hindi & English Medium Shifts

The program is bilingual with batch divided into shifts based on medium of language opted. Available in both English & Hindi Mediums with separate classes, Study Materials & Tests

eKlass: eLearning Platform

Students gert access to specialized structured course on our eLearning Platform. The Centralized dashboard provides all of their performance reports, Revision Content, Recorded Classroom Lectures, Practice Tests, Discussion Forums and lot more.. at the finger Tip.

Why Classroom Coaching?

Because that is still the fastest and most efficient way to prepare

Migrating for coaching is not only expensive but being part of a big heard decreases your chances of standing out. Stay ahead of the crowd join our guided UPSC IAS coaching program right here in Daltonganj.

UPSC CSE Preparation, even though spread across many papers is a single unified preparation. It has to be handled with a Unified approach to avoid fragmentaion of concepts. Join Structured course instead of collecting Tidbits from here and there.

Every candidate is different, so is their Requirement, Strength & Weakness. ‘One size fits all’ approach of teaching won’t work.. Our Mentorship program caters to need of each and every candidate part of our UPSC coaching Program

CCS Mentoring Philosophy is based on direct One-To-One Inter-Personal contact between mentor and mentee. Thats the primary reason why CCS batches are small- every single candidate gets personalized help and attention. Candidate will get instant help as soon as a doubt arises… 24 Hrs a day!


Our [FLP] Flexible Learning Program is Designed for working individuals these are evening only batches that provides flexibility in learning. This is also a Hybrid course with both Online & Offline Components making use of our eLearning Platform – eKlass


CCS is primarily an IAS Coaching Centre, We don’t run Specific State PSC Targeted batches, However our FLP program can be helpful for candidates preparing Mains Grade GS,.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Related to [CAP] Annual Program

Our Program is Available in Both Hindi & English Medium with Different Shifts, Study Materials and Tests

1. Online AIF Form Filling

Our Admission process starts with filling of AIF form online available on this website.

The AIF can be filled anytime and candidates will be called in the order of received form.

2. Evaluation Classes

When our admission process starts, candidates will be called in order of their AIF forms for Evaluation Classes.

These classes are a direct observation tool to judge the essential qualities required for this type of preparation.

3. Admission

At the end of Evaluation phase (In most cases even before it!) the candidates with whom we believe our coaching methods will be effective and with whom we think we can deliver the result will be given the Admission Form which they have to fill.

That’s it. Simple huh? Welcome to CCS

It’s now our responsibility to get you ready for that Big Day.

Admission to our Annual UPSC IAS coaching program is done in 4 Entry Points(EPs) spread throughout the Year. Starting with January and Ending with September.

To Find Upcoming Admission Points, Visit Admission Calendar

UPSC IAS coaching can not be done in a year’s time unless the whole year is extremely productive.

When you join our program you commit your everyday for the next year towards our preparation.

The class timing is not restricted to a pre-defined hours. Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done. The class hours can vary from 2-3 Hrs to 4-5 Hrs. It all depends on how much work the batch needs to stay on path.

The program is not limited just to class hours but extends to your whole day.

So, have your whole day ready because it will take a lot of hard work for you to realize this Dream.

Course Fees of Different Programs(2021)

  1. Comprehensive Annual Program: ₹ 40,000/- (Annual)
  2. Flexible Learning Program: ₹8000/ (Quarterly)
  3. Writing development Program: ₹15000
  4. (Optional) PSIR: ₹25000
  5. (Optional) Pub-Ad: ₹22000

Fee Payment Plans Available:

  • One Time Full Payment (10% Discount Applicable)
  • Installments
    • EP1/EP2   : 5 Installments
    • EP3          : 4 Installments
    • EP4          : 3 Installments

UPSC IAS Coaching Daltonganj

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