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Center For Civil Services - First UPSC Coaching Centre in Daltonganj

Comprehensive Annual Program

Dedicated Batch

Comprehensive annual program is CCS Signature Individualized Mentoring Program that integrated all three stages of Civil Services Examination- Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Every year we make a single batch of selected 35 students and invest whole year in preparing them for the attempt.

This batch runs for 15 months and has 4 Entry Points(EPs) where students are admitted.

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Since CAP is a very individualized program, only limited seats are available to ensure every student gets the necessary attention.

For each year’s CAP batch only 35 seats are available.

“Better the people you prepare with, better you perform”


Batch is selected on the basis of in-person evaluation by Mentor over 30 days.

Admission Process

1. Online AIF Form Filling

Our Admission process starts with filling of AIF form online available on this website.

The AIFs can be filled anytime and candidates will be called in the order of received form.

2. Evaluation Classes

When our admission process starts, candidates will be called in order of their AIF forms for Evaluation Classes.

These classes are a direct observation tool to judge the essential qualities required for this type of preparation.

3. Admission

At the end of Evaluation phase (In most cases even before it) the candidates with whom we believe our coaching methods will be effective and with whom we think we can deliver the result will be given the Admission Form which they have to fill to complete admission formalities.

CAP Program is Available in Both Hindi & English Medium with Different Shifts, Study Materials and Tests

Admission to our Annual UPSC IAS coaching program is done in 4 Entry Points(EPs) spread throughout the Year. Starting with January and Ending with September.

To Find Upcoming Admission Points, Visit Admission Calendar

UPSC IAS coaching can not be done in a year’s time unless the whole year is extremely productive.

When you join our program you commit your everyday for the next year towards our preparation.

The class timing is not restricted to a pre-defined hours. Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done. The class hours can vary from 2-3 Hrs to 4-5 Hrs. It all depends on how much work the batch needs to stay on path.

The commitment from student’s side is not limited only to the time spend in our UPSC Coaching Centre, but extends to your whole day.

So, have your whole day ready because it will take a lot of hard work for you to realize this Dream.

The Course Fee is ₹ 30,000 for the CAP21 Program.

Fee Payment Plans Available:

  • One Time Full Payment 
  • Installments
    • EP1/EP2   : 5 Installments
    • EP3          : 4 Installments
    • EP4          : 3 Installments

Flexible Learning Program

For those with time constrains

Fexible learning program is an outcome of continuous demand by working professionals for a less demanding program than CAP considering the limited time availability with the working people.

Starting with March 2020, our UPSC Coaching Centre now offers FLP program for people with less time. If you are a working professional and can manage the challenge of demanding UPSC preparation, this CCS program is for you.

The FLP program is focused on covering mains-grade GS syllabus in shortest possible time.

This program can also be useful for State PSC candidates looking to complete Mains Grade GS papers.

Both programs have different objectives and are suitable for different group of candidates. Below are the major differences:

Commitment Requirements: While the CAP program is signature integrated program that pushes a student to it’s limit, FLP is a flexible program designed for people with less time and effort. FLP is less demanding than CAP program.

Pace: While in CAP program the students have to keep up with a pre-designed syllabus speed, flow and work pace. There is no such requirements with FLP and students can self-pace that suits their available time resources.

Effectiveness: With so much more effort, it’s quite natural that CAP program is much more effective in preparing a candidate in shortest possible time. However, since everyone doesn’t have the luxury of that much free time to undergo such demanding UPSC Preparation, this is the best option working individuals have.

Approach: The FLP program has been optimized for High Yield fast preparation. Unlike CAP where writing ability is focused since day 1, FLP optimizes speed by less notes writing, more printed materials etc. 

FLP Program is Available in Both Hindi & English Medium


The admissions to FLP are not done in the manner of CAP. 

The seats are available on first come first serve basis with no screening or evaluation process.

Also, unlike CAP, the admissions are always open for FLP program subject to seat availability.

  1.  You can Fill The AIF on Admissions Page
  2. We will call you with details like seat availability, timing and other details

Designed for working Individuals with less time, the regular classes of FLp program will be of fixed 2 Hrs duration outside the working hours(Morning or Evening)

For current running timing please Contact Us

With Candidates free to join or leave course depending upon their convenience- the free structure for FLP program is Monthly.


Please Contact US to inquire current monthly fee 

eKlass: eLearning Platform

Online UPSC IAS Coaching

eKlass is our eLearning Platform.

This AI based unique platform offers Mentor Driven, Structured, Time-Bound UPSC Preparation courses that are as close to in-class experience as possible.

Please Visit eKlass Page to find more details:

Interactive Study Materials: A centralized place where all of the study material are present at the fingertip.

Recorded Class Lectures: Each program gets access to recordings of daily class for reference and revision.


Live Classes: Built into eKlass, the Live classes feature intercative webinar sessions for live teaching over internet.


Tons of Tests: eKlass has huge collection of MCQ tests ranging from Sectional Tests to full fledged synchronized live test. 


Discussion Forums: Subject Specific dedicated exclusive discussion forums are baked into the eKlass framework. Exclusively available to class students these are a the places where help is available 24x7x365


Subjective Assignments and Workshops: All of our programs are designed with mains in mind, the eKlass features ‘Subjective Assignments’ and ‘Peer-Reviewed Writing Development’ workshops


Student Center: This AI driven and Mentor controlled eLearning platform is also a central dashboard from where students can see their Performance Records, Get Personalized Predictions and Correction Suggestions. With this access, the student is always in control of their preparation.

Currently eKlass platform is only available to classroom students of CAP and FLP programs.

However in the near future eKlass courses will be opened for all to subscribe.

Center For Civil Services

About CCS

Center For Civil Services is a product of idea of providing Individualized coaching that focus not merely on number of selections but the kind of people that pass through.

That kind of holistic outcome is only possible by highly Individualized mentoring that develops a candidate into the Future Officers they need to be. 

Being first UPSC Coaching Centre of daltonganj, Center For Civil Services (CCS) hopes to induce a thriving UPSC Preparation ecosystem in Daltonganj so that students of Palamu doesn’t need to migrate for specialized coaching.


My name is Anoop Pandey.

I’ve been coaching for UPSC since last 4 years.

The whole academic aspect of CCS and UPSC Coaching program running at CCS is designed and implemented by me.

How good of a coach am i? How effective my programs are? these are the questions that are best directed at my students who can make fair assessment. I leave it to their fair judgement.

However, judging by demonstrable outcomes and student feedbacks, my program appears to be very effective.

Providing UPSC Coaching in Daltonganj since 2017, CCS is first UPSC Coaching Centre in Daltonganj.

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