UPSC – IAS Coaching

IAS preparation Is difficult in the sense it is different. The requirements are very different than any other competitive exam. The focus is more on Aptitude, Attitude & Approach than the knowledge itself.

The coaching process for UPSC-CSE exam is highly individualized with each student having different needs. That’s why this preparation can’t be mass produced and must be done on Individual basis.

In my personal experience, Mentoring works far better than mere teaching



Admissions: UPSC CSE 2021

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Discussion forums

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Launching eKlass

Launching eKlass: The eLearning Platform by CCS. Structured courses,...




From The Coach's Desk

Goals: Outcome, Performance & Process

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Internet Resources For UPSC-IAS preparation

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UPSC CSE Coaching

UPSC-IAS Preparation @ CCS

One of a kind

Established in 2017 CCS is First and only Institute in Palamau solely dedicated to UPSC-IAS Preparation Operating since 2017

Focused Batch

12 Students in a Shift & 35 students in a batch ensures highest degree of Attention to all candidates

Robust Testing

Robust testing, Performance Review and reporting on micro-level to quantify the progress made.


An AI powered eLearning Platform that provides structured Mentor guided UPSC-CSE preparation courses

Program Offerings

UPSC-CSE Coaching Programs Offered by CCS

[CYP] Comprehensive Annual Program for UPSC-CSE

Comprehensive Annual Program. These are our 'Super30' annual batch made from selected 30 Students choose through a rigorous in-person evaluation process. This is a Hybrid Course primarily based on classroom contact and supplemented by our eLearking Platform "eKlass"

[FLP] Flexible Learning Program

Designed for working individuals these are evening only batches that provides flexibility in learning. This is also a Hybrid course with both Online & Offline Components making use of our eLearning Platform - eKlass

eKlass: Online Learning

eKlass is visualized to be the biggest possible UPSC-CSE preparation Hub. A repository of Civil Services preparation materials like no other. The idea behind eKlass is to offer Mentor guided structured distance learning program that makes use of AI to provide near in-person coaching experience.

Admission Schedule


Leadership For Tomorrow

In Pursuit Of Creating Human Resource In Highest Degree of Integrity, Ethics and of Unimpeachable character for Civil Services to Make Considerable Change in Quuality of Governance Services Thereby Impacting The Society and Nation at Large.


[Quick Revision] Indian Missile Systems

SHORT NOTES Indian missiles are placing India proudly into...