Free Movement Regime to end at Myanmar Border |

Free Movement Regime to end at Myanmar Border


∙ India plans to end the Free Movement Regime along the international border with Myanmar.

∙ People living in Myanmar, who could cross over to India, will soon require visas.

About Free Movement Regime (FMR)

∙ Ind0-Myanmar is an open border with the Free Movement Regime (FMR)within 16kms on both sides of the border.

∙ Both countries share an unfenced border, and citizens on either side have familial and ethnic ties, which prompted the arrangement in the 1970s. It was last revised in 2016.

∙ Every member of the hill tribes, who is either a citizen of India or a citizen of Myanmar, and who resides within 16 km on either side of the border can cross the border on production of a border pass, usually valid for a Telescope Manager element, the “neural network” or the software that will make the telescope work.


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