India’s First Graphene Centre |

India’s First Graphene Centre


∙ The Union government recently launched India’s first graphene centre (IICG) in Kerala.

∙ The centre was established to foster research and development, product innovation and capacity building in the area of graphene and 2D material systems.

About the Graphene

∙ Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb


∙ Graphene composites are used in automotive, sports equipment and construction.

∙ It is used for high-performance batteries and super-capacitors, touchscreens, and conductive inks.

∙ Graphene-based sensors are used for environmental monitoring, healthcare and wearable devices.

∙ Graphene oxide membranes are used for water purification and desalination.

∙ Graphene-based masks were made during COVID.

∙ Graphene is important for defence and aerospace as well. Its exceptional strength makes it a promising material for armour and ballistic protection.

∙ Graphene has the potential to absorb and dissipate electromagnetic waves, making it valuable for developing stealth coatings and materials that reduce radar signatures and electromagnetic interference.

∙ Graphene is highly sensitive to environmental changes, which makes it an excellent candidate for sensing chemical and biological agents, explosives, radiation, and other hazardous substances.

∙ Besides, graphene-based materials can also protect us against chemical and biological attacks.

About the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in IIoT Sensors

∙ Along with the IICG, the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in IIoT Sensors was also launched.

∙ It aims to catalyse the development of sensors within the realm of Intelligent IoT systems covering a broad spectrum of applications of intelligent sensors in networks and devices.

∙ The IoT is a network of interconnected devices that communicate and share data with each other through the internet.

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