My Bharat Platform

My Bharat Platform

Why in News

Prime Minister of India launches ‘Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat)’ platform.

Important Points

• Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat), an autonomous body will benefit the youth in the age group of 15-29 years, in line with the definition of ‘Youth’ in the National Youth Policy.
• Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat) is ‘Phygital Platform’ (physical + digital) comprising physical activity along with an opportunity to connect digitally.
• It will empower young individuals to become catalysts for community transformation.
• They would act as “Yuva Setu,” linking the government with its citizens.
• ‘Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat)’ is envisioned as a pivotal, technology-driven facilitator for youth development and youth-led development.
• It’s overarching goal is of providing equitable opportunities to empower the youth in realizing their aspirations and contributing to the creation of a “Viksit Bharat” (developed India), across the entire spectrum of the Government.
• It envisions a framework where the youth of our country can seamlessly connect with programs, mentors, and their local communities.
• This engagement is designed to deepen their understanding of local issues and empower them to contribute to constructive solutions.

Need For Such Body:

• Establishing a framework for bringing youth from diverse areas under a single platform: Vision 2047 requires a framework that can bring rural youth, urban youth and Rurban youth on a single platform.
• The dynamic shifts in the urban-rural landscape have necessitated a re-evaluation of current approaches.
• It is imperative to create a framework that unites rural, urban, and rurban youth on a common platform. Mera Yuva Bharat will help to create such a framework.
• A technology-driven platform can connect youth to programmes that can help them improve their capabilities and also connect them with community activities.


• Leadership Development in the Youth
• Improve the leadership skills through experiential learning by shifting from isolated physical interaction to programmatic skills
• Investing in youth to make them social innovators, and leaders in the communities
• Better alignment between the aspirations of the youth and the community needs
• Enhanced efficiency through Convergence of existing programmes
• Act as a one-stop shop for young people and Ministries
• Create a centralized youth database
• Improved two-way communication to connect youth government initiatives and activities of other stakeholder that engage with youth
• Ensuring accessibility by creating a Phygital Ecosystem – a blend of physical and digital experiences.

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