Indian Railways augment transportation of Coal

Indian Railways has been a prime supplier of Coal to all Power Houses and has taken substantive measures in year 2021-22. During the year 2021-22 Indian Railways has augmented the transportation of Coal through Railways by a record 111 Million tonnes.

Utility: UPSC, JPSC, BPSC Prelims & Mains
Section: Economy/ Infrastructure/ Transport

Key Points

  • Indian Railways also loaded a record 653 Million Tonnes of coal as compared to 542 Million tonnes in the previous year i.e. a growth of 20.4 %.
  • Further during the period Sept-21 to Mar-22 loading of coal to power sector was augmented by 32% in just 2 quarters.
  • The movement of Coal trains have been prioritized and the each and every train is being intensively monitored.
  • Through this prioritization and monitoring, the Transit time of coal trains to long distance Power has been reduced significantly by 12-36% for critical power plants.
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