Bordowa Satra (Batadrava Than)  |

Bordowa Satra (Batadrava Than) 

Syllabus:GS1/Culture and History Context

∙ Recently Rahul Gandhi was prevented from visiting Batadrava Than.


∙ The Batadrava Than, is one of the most sacred sites for Assamese Vaishnavites and was established by Srimanta Sankardev in 1494 A.D.

∙ Location: It is located at the birthplace    of    revered   Vaishnavite reformer-saint Srimanta Sankardeva (1449-1568) in Nagaon district, of Assam.

∙ Architecture: The campus encompasses diverse structures such as Natghar (Drama hall), Alohighar (Guest room), Sabhaghar (Assembly hall), Rabhaghar (Music room), Hatipukhuri, Aakashi Ganga, Doul mandir (festive temple), and others.

Philosophy of Srimanta Sankardeva

∙ Teaching: His teaching focused on prayer and chanting (naam) instead of idol worship.

∙ Dharma: His dharma was based on the four components of deva (god), naam (prayers), bhakats (devotees), and guru (teacher).

∙ Ek Saran Naam Dharma: The saint propagated the Ek Saran Naam Dharma, focussed on worship in the form of bhakti (devotion) to Lord Krishna, through singing and congregational listening of His name and deeds.

∙ Sankardeva espoused a society based on equality and fraternity, free from caste differences,orthodox Brahmanical rituals and sacrifices.∙ The saint traveled across Assam, spreading his teachingsand establishing the Sattras/Thans as centers of religious, social and cultural reforms in the 16th century

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