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  • Researchers have observed instances of brumation in various reptilian species across habitats.

About Brumation

  • It’s a state of sluggishness, inactivity, or torpor exhibited by reptiles during winter or extended periods of low temperature because of scarcity of food.
    • It is a period of dormancy in reptiles, similar to hibernation in mammals, to conserve energy and survive the adverse environmental conditions.
  • During brumation, reptiles may retreat to underground burrows, rock crevices or other sheltered areas where temperatures are relatively more stable.

Brumating Species

  • Turtles (box and painted), Tortoises, Snakes, Lizards and some amphibians like frogs.
    • The Bearded Dragon is the most brumating of all the known reptiles.

Significance of Brumation

  • It allows reptiles to go weeks or even months without eating, and to conserve energy and minimise their resource requirements.
  • It is crucial for reptiles to survive cold climes and endure challenging environmental conditions, until they can reemerge to feed and reproduce in more favourable climes.
  • It is a survival strategy hardwired into these animals over thousands of years to adapt to sudden climatic changes.
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