Digital Study Material in Indian Languages  |

Digital Study Material in Indian Languages 


∙ The Government of India has decided that study material for all courses under school and higher education will be made available digitally in Indian languages included in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.

Rationale Behind the Move

∙ The above directions emerge from the recommendations of the National Education Policy for promoting multilingualism in education at every level, so that students get the opportunity to study in their own language, and can have better learning outcomes.

∙ The decision was aimed at providing students with the opportunity to study in their own language.

∙ Studying in one’s own language can provide a student the natural space to think innovatively without any language barrier.


∙ Developing and distributing study materials in other languages can be expensive.

∙ Ensuring the quality and accuracy of content in other languages can be challenging.

∙ Limited access to technology and digital resources in local languages can be a significant hurdle.

∙ Difficulty in finding opportunities in the education sector.

Steps by Government

∙ Anuvadini AI based App: It translates Engineering, Medical, Law, UG, PG and Skill books with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

∙ e-kumbh portal: It hosts translated books that are available in various Indian languages.

∙ DIKSHA: In the school education ecosystem also study material is available in multiple Indian languages including over 30 languages on DIKSHA (Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing).

∙ Conducting exams in regional languages: Competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CUET are being held in 13 Indian languages.

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