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Distress Alert Transmitter


∙ Recently, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) upgraded its Distress Alert Transmitter (DAT) as Second Generation DAT (DAT-SG) to aid Search and Rescue Operations in the Maritime Domain.

Second Generation DAT (DAT-SG)

∙ It can receive messages from the control centre, allowing for the transmission of advance alerts about bad weather, cyclones, tsunamis, or other emergencies.

∙ It can send back an acknowledgement to the fishermen who activate the distress alert, assuring them of incoming rescue.

∙ Information about Potential Fishing Zones to get a good yield in their catch and save time and fuel.

∙ It can be connected to mobile phones using Bluetooth, and the messages can be read in the native language using an App on the mobile.

∙ The Indian Mission Control Centre (INMCC), a central control centre, has a web based network management system called ‘SAGARMITRA’ which maintains a database of registered DAT-SGs

∙ It helps Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCCs) to access the information about the boat and coordinate the boat in distress in real time.

∙ It helps the Indian Coast Guard to undertake Search & Rescue operations at the time of distress, without any time delay.

∙ The services of DAT-SG are operational on a 24×7 basis.

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