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∙ Memorandum of Understanding signed between India and Cuba on Cooperation in the field of Sharing Successful Digital Solutions Implemented at Population Scale for Digital Transformation. 

India and Cuba Ties

∙ Beginning: India and Cuba enjoy excellent bilateral relations and have been traditionally warm and friendly.

∙ India was among the first countries to extend recognition to the new Cuban government following the Cuban revolution in January 1959.

∙ Trade: Bilateral trade has been moderate. The main items of Indian export to Cuba are pharmaceutical products, organic chemicals, plastic products, medical equipment, engineering goods, textile products, metal products, mineral oil products and tools.

∙ Imports from Cuba primarily comprise pharmaceutical and tobacco products.

∙ Development Cooperation: Development Assistance has been a priority area in bilateral relations.

∙ India has granted disaster relief assistance to Cuba in the wake of devastation caused by various hurricanes over the years.

∙ Energy: Energy cooperation is one of the main aspects of IndiaCuba relations. Cuba is a member country and the Vice-President of Latin America & the Caribbean region at International Solar Alliance (ISA).

∙ Science & Technology, Biotechnology and Health: India-Cuba relations in the field of S&T and health have been strengthened by ministerial level visits from both sides.

ο Cultural relations: Indian culture and civilization is well appreciated in Cuba.

∙ Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Tagore occupy a special place in Cuba

ο Indian Community: Indian Community in Cuba is small. One of the components of the community is the people of Indian origin, descendants of Indians who came to Cuba in the early twentieth century from Jamaica and other part of the West Indies to work on sugarcane plantations.

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