Saturn’s Moon Mimas |

Saturn’s Moon Mimas

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∙ Astronomers believe Mimas may have a liquid ocean around 20-30 km under its heavily cratered ice shell.

About Mimas

Saturn’s Moon Mimas |

∙ Mimas was discovered in 1789 by English astronomer William Herschel.

∙ It is less than 123 miles (198 kilometers) in mean radius.

∙ The crater-covered Mimas is the smallest and innermost of Saturn’s major moons. 

∙ Its low density suggests that it consists almost entirely of water ice, which is the only substance ever detected on Mimas.

∙ It takes only 22 hours and 36 minutes to complete an orbit. 

∙ Its most distinguishing feature is a giant impact crater – named Herschel

∙ Mimas appears to be frozen solid is puzzling because Mimas is closer to Saturn.

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