Social Audit Advisory Body (SAAB)  |

Social Audit Advisory Body (SAAB) 


∙ The 1st meeting of the Social Audit Advisory Body (SAAB) was held recently.


∙ The Meeting was chaired by the Secretary, Department of Social Justice & Empowerment.

∙ This advisory body, a first of its kind, has been established to guide the Ministry in institutionalizing social audits for its various schemes.

∙ Members: Representatives from key ministries and academic institutions are members of this advisory body.

What is Social Audit?

∙ Social Audit is the examination and assessment of a programme/scheme for comparing official records with actual ground realities.

∙ It includes an audit of the quality of works being executed at different levels along with the details of disbursements made, the number of labourers employed and materials used.

∙ Objective: The basic objective of social audit is to ensure public accountability in the implementation of projects, laws and policies.

∙ Significance: Social Audits play an important role in bringing transparency and driving corrective actions based on valuable feedback from citizens.

National Resource Cell for Social Audit (NRCSA)

∙ The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment has established the National Resource Cell for Social Audit (NRCSA) to ensure social audits through dedicated Social Audit Units at the state level.

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